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reCaptcha testing

Hi, Avinode tech support is testing reCaptcha Thanks!


Hi, This is Avinode tech support testing forum post with reCaptcha v2.0 Thanks!

How to get webhook response?

Hi, I'm working on the Avinode Webhook, successfully set up the setting for Webhooks when creating the Leads. I set up the URL for responding data. now my question is that how to get data from the given URL? Thanks

Google Analytics attribution

Hi - we have Avinode in an iFrame... within the iFrame I'm seeing GA code for our profile and Avinode's.... We are tracking the "Request" event but whilst these are tracking, they are being attributed to avinode.com / referral What do I need to do to ensure that the attribution is maintained - I imagine it is going to be related to cross domain tracking, but I'd rather ask than try and reinvent the wheel. I have already added avinode.com to the referral exclusion list - but there hasn't been a completion since I did this a few minutes ago ;-) Would love to get your recommendation as to best practice on this. Many thanks

Complete API integration

Hi! We are trying to work on a complete integration without the use of "Avinode Marketplace app", is that possible? A simple scenario would be: - Client make a search - Select 1 search to make a book - Makes a reservation - Pays - Confirms the book Im trying to follow the docs but I get: - Use POST /searchs to search - Use POST /lead to book (?) a seachId - Use the Marketplace app to confirm the book (we want to get rid of this step) Which would be the simplest step by step endpoints road to accomplish this scenario? Thanks! Gianluca

Php client library

Is there an official php client library for the avinode api?