Empty leg subscription

As a broker, I want to be notified every time a new empty leg of interest is published in Avinode

This use case should be implemented when the broker wants to subscribe to notifications every time there is an empty leg published or updated in Avinode Marketplace, from a certain company and/or for a certain route of interest. The empty leg data can then be downloaded and published in an end-client app to allow browsing and to book available flights.

Setup an empty leg subscription using the API

The empty leg subscription, also known as an "empty leg watch configuration", is setup using the API, and the settings can also be viewed inside Avinode once created (Company - Settings - Empty Leg Notifications).

Web-hook notifications are used to send out the message of a new, updated or removed empty leg. See the Web-hooks and notifications page for more details on how to create these settings, and the empty leg section on how to specifically subscribe to empty leg notifications.

The empty leg watch configuration is created using endpoint POST /emptylegs/watches and should contain some of the following criteria, where specifying at least one segment is required.

  • List of segments (region to region pairs) where at least one should match to send a push. A segment can be defined using either an airport code, an ICAO prefix (to define the airport region) or a country code (also province code is available but only for the US and Canada)
  • Aircraft category, type or tail number
  • Should the empty leg be priced
  • Should the empty leg be verified by the seller
  • Number of days out are you looking for (a rolling calculation of if the empty leg departure is within NOW + the configured days out. (Only empty legs within span is pushed)


Super user settings

Some settings of the empty leg subscription can only be configured by Avinode super users, for example a subscription to all available empty legs. Talk to your account manager if this is an option you consider.

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