End-client: Find trip options

As an end-client, I want to find options for my trip

This use case should be implemented when the end-client wants to find and view available options for a trip.

Search for available options

The application should call the POST /searches operation with details about the trip itinerary and potentially also other criteria like what type of aircraft is of interest etc.

This operation is used to find lifts available to perform the given itinerary. It calculates and returns preliminary quotes for each of the aircraft. The routes and prices are, in most cases, calculated based on the aircraft pricing information, aircraft performance details, availability information, etc., provided by the companies marketing the aircraft in the Avinode Marketplace. Alternatively, the route and pricing may have been calculated by an external module controlled by the operator.

The operation then returns the full result, or optionally, it can return results aggregated on for example an aircraft type level. More information about available input parameters, and what can be included in the output, is described on the POST /searches page.

Search results will be sorted by price in ascending order.


Search performance

To optimize performance of you application, especially when requesting multiple optional data attributes in the search query – please ensure you are requesting GZIP compression to decrease response times. See API Basics for more info.

What’s Next

Check out the API reference for all the endpoint details:

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