End-client: Search empty legs

As an end-client, I want to search for available empty legs for my trip

The empty leg search operation can be used to find empty legs that could be of interest given the input parameters specified. The input can be a start airport and/or an end airport, along with a time span. The empty leg search algorithm tries to match empty legs available in that time span that can be of interest given the input parameters.

For example, if the entered input is from Paris to Rome, a search might return an empty leg from London to Rome since Paris is almost on that route.

The operator can in this case fly empty from London to Paris, pick up the passengers and fly them from Paris to Rome. The operator can then make some money on this otherwise non-profitable flight from London to Rome.

Similar matches are made if only the start airport or only the end airport is specified in the input. For example if the start airport is in San Francisco and no end airport is specified, then an empty leg from Los Angeles to New York can be returned since it is a relatively short distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco compared with the total distance of the empty leg.



For an empty leg to match it has to be deemed feasible in terms of the ratio between the distance of the empty leg segment (NM) and the requested distance (NM). If they differ too much the empty leg will not match.

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