End-client: Send booking request

As an end-client, I want to create a booking request

This use case should be implemented when the end-client wants to create a booking request. The booking request will be available as an end-client lead in the Avinode Marketplace application for the company owning the API connection that was used. Here the Avinode member can do the final sourcing of aircraft.

It's also possible to download the client lead data into an external quoting tool, store the customer info etc., and then initiate a pre-filled aircraft search in Avinode directly from the external system, to avoid any double entry.

Create booking request

The application should call the POST /leads operation with details about what the end-client has requested, and also the end-client’s contact information. This lead will show in the broker's Trips - Client Leads page in Avinode, and from here it's easy to initiate an aircraft search from the given itinerary.

Client leads push notifications

There is also the option as a broker to subscribe to notifications for every incoming client lead that your application generates. Once notified, the lead data can be downloaded into an external quoting tool.
In the same data response there will be a deep link to use for opening up a new browser window with the Avinode search, which will be initiated immediately, see the picture below.

Read more about how to setup web-hook notifications at the Web-hooks and notifications page.


Initiate an Avinode aircraft search from the client lead response

Book a specific aircraft

In order to create a booking request for a specific aircraft, the end-client must have selected one or more aircraft from the trip options available in the result created in the End-client: Find trip options use case.

Booking by type or category

If the end-client has been presented with options on a aircraft type och aircraft category level, a booking request can be created for one or more aircraft types or aircraft categories. For example, the end-client can create a booking request for a light jet.

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