Integration Process

Here’s how we will work with you to build your integration to the Schedaero API.

Simple Integrations

Integrations that exclusively read data from your own company’s account are developed and tested against Schedaero sandbox systems (production access is allowed for initial implementations under certain circumstances). You will be issued an API token with permission to read from one or more Schedaero API endpoints. You may develop and test your integration against the sandbox. A final technical interview will be scheduled before your implementation will be deployed to our production servers (except in cases where initial development was done on production servers). Feel free to contact API support for assistance with any issues that you encounter.

Complex Integrations

Integrations that modify Schedaero data, or that access data from multiple companies’ accounts must be approved in advance by Schedaero. We are happy to review your integration plans to confirm that your planned usage is supported and that all data that you require is available in the Schedaero API.


You will be given access to the Sandbox environment for development and testing. If you have any questions during development, please contact API support ([email protected]). Before finishing implementation, your should verify that your application conforms to all items on the implementation checklists in this documentation that are applicable to your application.

Go Live!

When your integration is ready, Schedaero will perform a review to ensure that your use of Schedaero APIs is appropriate. Once approved, you will be given a production API token and can begin to access our production endpoints.

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