Own Quote Replies

EventType: SchedAeroOwnQuoteReplies

Notifies your application when a quote originally created in SchedAero is sent to the trip’s requester.

Quote details can be retrieved by using the:

GET /quotes/{quoteid}

operation, as indicated in the webhook payload.

This webhook is intended to be used together with the Avinode Trip Messages – Mine webhook. Quotes sent in response to Avinode requests will notify the Avinode webhook, while quotes created in SchedAero will notify through this webhook. If your application subscribes to both, you will receive all quotes sent from SchedAero.

POST /webhooks/settings

    "targetURI": "https://myapplication.com/notifications",
    "displayName": "Schedaero own quote sent",
    "active": true,
    "clientIdentifier": "myapplication",
    "clientSecret": "secret",
    "clientAuthenticationType": "BASIC",
    "eventTypes": [
    "type": "SchedAeroOwnQuoteReplies",
    "id": "schedaero-quote-123456789",
    "href": "https://sandbox-schedaero.avinode.com/api/quotes/schedaero-quote-123456789"

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