Sandbox Environment

Working with the sandbox

Online Interface

The online interface for the sandbox server can be accessed by browsing to The online interface can be used to create data (RFQs, quotes, empty legs, etc.) needed for testing and also for viewing data created through the API.

Sandbox Maintenance

The sandbox server is rebuilt with a fresh database at least once a week. This means that data changed or created during tests will be deleted. If you have some data that you want to persist then please contact us and we will try to add this data to the build scripts. We strive to keep the sandbox available at all times but occasionally we need to take it down for short periods to do maintenance, deploy new code, etc. If you experience longer downtimes than one hour, then please contact us and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Any data that exists in the sandbox server (e.g. company names, aircraft information, etc.) may not be extracted or disclosed to any third party. This is regulated in the API contracts.

Application Life Cycle

As long as your application has access to the production environment, you will also have access to the sandbox environment. When you update your application, you should use this to verify that your application still functions properly.

Development Instances

Any instance of the application built or deployed for development or testing purposes should be restricted from calling the live API servers and also from consuming webhook notifications delivered by the live API servers.

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