Operator: Trip messaging

This application can be used by operators or marketing agents. It is implemented to integrate the Avinode trip requests into existing software tools used by operators to keep track of their aviation charter requests.

Buyers use the Avinode Marketplace to find suitable aircraft for their customers’ trips. Buyers normally send quote requests to multiple operators for each trip. The operators can use the online Avinode Marketplace to respond to these RFQs.

Using an application like this, the RFQ's can be downloaded into the application which can be used as an external quoting tool. The operator can then create a quote in the application and send it to the buyer by uploading it back to the Avinode Marketplace. Alternatively, the RFQ can be declined if the operator has no availability for this trip or can’t perform it for some other reason.

Data model

This data model shows the top level operator trip messaging related objects and their relationships. It should be used when storing this type of data. This model enables the buyer and operator to use messages to communicate with each other to share information and ask and answer any questions that may arise around this trip. It also enables the operator to, not only respond to the actual requested lift, but to also add additional quotes for alternate aircraft or routes.



An RFQ is what a buyer sends to the operator when they want to ask for quotes for a specific trip. It contains information about who the buyer is and the itinerary of the trip. One RFQ can:

  • have zero to many lifts
  • have zero to many messages
  • have zero to many quotes
  • get additional message, lift and quote objects over time


Each lift represents something the buyer has specifically asked to get a quote for. It can be an actual aircraft (i.e. a tail number) , a type (e.g. Falcon 7X) or a category (e.g. Heavy Jet). One lift can:

  • have zero to many quotes
  • only belong to one RFQ
  • be associated to zero or one empty leg. Either it has an empty leg object or it doesn’t. This cannot change over time

Empty Leg

A lift can be associated to an empty leg that the operator previously have published in the Avinode Marketplace. This indicates that the buyer would like to utilize this empty leg for this trip. One empty leg can:

  • be associated to zero to many lift. These lift objects can be lift objects belonging to separate RFQs


A message is a text message from either the buyer or the operator. It contains information about when the message was added and by which person at what company. A message can:

  • only belong to one RFQ


Quotes are offers that the operator has communicated to the buyer. A quote contains information about what kind of lift the quote is for, the itinerary (may differ from the requested itinerary in the RFQ) and the price offered to the buyer. A quote may be “Avinode Generated”. This means that Avinode has used the aircraft performance and pricing information, provided by the operator, to generate a quote on behalf of the operator. A quote can:

  • belong to one RFQ or belong to one lift

Retrieving RFQ's

The application subscribes to web-hook notifications and is notified when there is a new RFQ available or when an RFQ has been updated. The application then downloads the RFQ information by calling the appropriate API operations.

These pages contains more information about how to implement this:



In order for an application to be allowed to download RFQ's, it must also upload responses back to the Avinode Marketplace.

Responding to RFQ's

The operator can then respond to the RFQ by uploading quotes. Alternatively the operator can decline the RFQ or parts of it.

This page contains more information about how to implement this.

Canceled trip

A buyer has the possibility to cancel a trip. The operator will then be notified that the RFQ has been updated/canceled. A canceled request cannot be responded to, so this should be highlighted to the user, saving them from quoting trips that are no longer valid. Read more about retrieving RFQs in the following section.


Implementation checklist

All items on this check list must be true in order for an application of this type to be allowed to call the live Avinode Marketplace environment.

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