Use With Avinode API

Schedaero and Avinode Marketplace have automatic integrations that synchronize data on client leads, requests and quotes. A typical process is as follows:

  • An Avinode user submits a requests on a Schedaero operator’s aircraft

  • The Avinode request is automatically imported into Schedaero as a trip

  • A Schedaero user accepts or declines the request. When accepting, the user typically prepares a firm quote for the requested trip

  • Schedaero automatically sends the accept/decline message and the new quote to Avinode

In scenarios where your application is interested in both Avinode and Schedaero data, you will typically use both Avinode API and Schedaero API



When should I use Avinode API?

If your application is interested in:

  • Notification of new Avinode requests
  • Notification when an Avinode request is accepted/declined
  • Current quote on an Avinode request

you should use Avinode API and its webhooks. Because of the automatic integration, Avinode will always be updated when the Schedaero operator makes changes to the request


Did a Schedaero Trip originate in Avinode?

If a Schedaero trip originated as an Avinode request, Schedaero API provides several points of data to help your application work with it correctly:

  • The sparse field origin will return a value of “Avinode”
  • The sparse field avinodeid will return the Avinode rfq or client lead identifier, for use with Avinode API
  • The links collection will include “avinode-rfq” or “avinode-lead”, with the URI of the correct Avinode API endpoint to obtain details
  • Request for Avinode fields
        "data": {
            "origin": "Avinode",
            "avinodeRfqId": "arfq-123456789",
            "id": "schedaero-trip-123456789",
            "href": "",
            "type": "schedaero-trip",
            "links": {
                "avinode-rfq": {
                    "href": ""
        "meta": {}


    How can I deep-link Schedaero UI if I have an Avinode request?

    You can use a URI similar to

    Where the final part of the URI is the identifier of the Avinode request. This URI is also returned as a link on the Avinode-rfq by Avinode API.


    How can I be notified of new quotes from both Avinode and Schedaero?

    You will need to create a webhook that is notified for both event type Trip Messages – Mine from Avinode API and event type SchedAeroOwnQuoteReplies from Schedaero API

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