The purpose of the developer portal is to ensure that you, as a developer, have access to all the information necessary to design and build robust API solutions.

First things first

Before you start designing and building your API solution, you should read and understand the information on the following pages:

Working with our APIs

Our most common API use cases are found here

If your API solution will do something different than what is described in any of the example use cases, then you should ensure that your use cases have been approved by Avinode or Schedaero before you start building your application. You should also ensure that all use cases that your application will implement are included in your API subscription.

We are more than happy to discuss the different business cases that your application will handle and offer any insights we might have in relation to these.


You will have access to the Sandbox environment to use this during development and testing. Before finishing implementation, you should verify that your API solution conforms to all items on the implementation check lists that are applicable to your use case. These check lists are available under each use case in this documentation.

Going live

When you are ready, we will do a review to ensure that your API solution works in the best possible way before it will be allowed to access our live environment.