Search in Avinode from Your System

Integrate your system with Avinode and make it possible to download leads, quotes, and launch a search in Avinode based on an inquiry from your end client.

As a broker, I want to find options for my trip

This use case should be implemented when the broker wants to find and view available options for a trip in Avinode, without having to manually switch to the Avinode system and type in the trip data.


Please note

Avinode does not allow any business to business integrations to use the POST /searches operation, this API is only used by integrations from business to end client.

Initiate a search in Avinode from your own system

The application should call the POST /trips operation with the needed trip information such as itinerary, number of passengers, aircraft category, date and time.
If the exact departure time is not known at the time this value can be marked as "TBD" (to be determined), see the API reference page for more details.

In the response from this API call there will be a deep link to use for opening a new browser window with the Avinode search, which will be initiated immediately.


The 'searchInAvinode' action


Search feature in Avinode

Get notified of new seller messages

Setup webhook settings in Avinode to subscribe to all new seller messages for your trip requests. Get notified in real time when an operator accepts or declines your requests, and download the quotes to your system.
Read more about how to set this up on the following page Avinode Webhooks


Implementation checklist

All items on this check list must be true in order for an application implementing this use case to be allowed to call the live Avinode Marketplace environment.

  • The application has correct eventTypes webhook notification settings configured for the use case, i.e.
    TripRequestSellerResponse, TripRequestMine, TripChatFromSeller, TripChatMine
  • The receiving webhook server responds with a HTTP 200 status upon accepting the webhook notification
  • The application is calling the POST /trips endpoint with valid itinerary payload
  • The application is utilising the searchInAvinode deeplink to run an automatic search in Avinode based on the trip payload
  • Sourcing activity, i.e. RFQ is sent to operator/s from within the Avinode Web UI
  • The application back-end successfully downloads the RFQ data, upon webhook notification
  • The application has support for sending and receiving trip messages using appropriate chat endpoints
  • Updates (accept/decline/cancellation/chat messages) to the trip are sent to Avinode via appropriate API endpoints